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30 April, 2019

Lead Generation

Health and Fitness

Converting Website Traffic

“4 Ways To Convert Website Traffic Into Paying Leads!”

There is no point in having a shiny new website with lots of traffic if all they do is click through to your site and move on. This is the equivalent of high street window shoppers and is no more profitable, especially if you’re advertising via PPC and you are actually paying for the traffic!  You only make money online when you capture that traffic and convert those cold leads into prospects and then buyers.  Easy right?

Here are 4 actionable website traffic conversion strategies to help optimise your site and convert ‘lookers’ into ‘buyers’.


STRATEGY No.1 – Update and refine your site content

STEP 1: What is the intention of your content?

What are your trying to communicate to your audience, what is it that you need them to take away from your site. What’s the ‘big prize’?


STEP 2: What is it that you are offering the visitor? 

In order to build your list you need visitors to subscribe. What is it that you will be offering, for FREE, in your ‘opt-in’.

Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing:


  • Offer a free survey or consultation
  • A step-by-step guide to achieving greater success
  • Additional resources such as an ebook or video training
  • A checklist
  • A PDF which highlights actions to achieve a specific goal

Here is an example for you:

STEP 1 – Content: 3 Ways To improve your fitness in 4 weeks 

You could create a blog post to communicate the VALUE and IMPORTANCE
of using a highly skilled and qualified personal trainer as opposed to using the first name that pops up in your local print ads.

STEP 2 – The FREE Offer:

Offer a FREE step by step guide for improving fitness with just 10 minutes of exercise a day to convert more leads. This could be an ebook or a daily/weekly video series. This can be setup easily with either Thrive Leads for WordPress or LeadPages for other sites. You can then connect this lead page to your emailmarketing software such as Active Campaign or MailChimp for your follow up email sequence.


STRATEGY No.2 – Exit Pop Ups

Website Conversion Pop Up

The exit pop-up can be your last chance to capture a visitors contact information. There are so many ways to add a pop-up box to your website and customise it based on a user’s actions.  With the exit survey, you can present an offer a visitor hasn’t seen before at the moment they leave your site. If you have a WordPress website, Thrive Leads is a great tool for this. You can customise what triggers the pop-up so it presents the right offer at the right time!

Website traffic conversion pop up

Site traffic is pointless if visitors don’t convert!

Let us improve your lead generation and increase your bottom line for you!

STRATEGY No.3:  Sign-Up For Pricing




Every lead wants to know how much your products or service will cost. This doesn’t mean they won’t be willing to pay what you’re worth or that price is the only factor for them. Money is part of every business and every business owner wants to get the best price they canIf you’d like to offer potential clients a way to see your pricing, ask them to enter their contact information before automatically redirecting them to a page with further information on your pricing.  You can have the visitor enter their contact information directly on a form or include a button within the page’s content (such as the image above). If you choose the latter, use Thrive Leads or LeadPages to have a pop-up box appear where the visitor can enter their information and then automatically be redirected to another page which describes your pricing. Don’t forget to create a conversation around the value that will be provided, as well as a call-to-action for the lead to get in touch with you right now!then action right now. 


STRATEGY No.4 : The Survey

A Survey is a quick and easy way to engage a website visitor and encourages them to sign-up to hear more from you. When you ask a visitor to answer 2-3 questions, not only do you gain a lead but you also gain valuable information because they have now told you exactly what they need support with. With this information you can send them targeted emails and know how to speak to them in order to close the deal.  A survey can be created on a landing page which sells the benefits of completing the survey alongside what the client can expect to receive after doing so. You can also create a simple survey right on your homepage or services page to capture more leads there. Once the visitor has signed-up, they should automatically be added to an automated
email follow-up series. 

Website lead capture survey


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Let us do it for you!

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