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September, 2017
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Who is your ideal client? Do you know what their problems are and how to solve them? Can they afford your services?

If you can answer these questions you are well on the way to being able to choose who you work with as you already understand the challenges they face and can provide the perfect service to solve their problems.

| Market Research Is Essential |

Marketing you health and fitness business costs! So before you spend your hard earned money and precious time developing your online content you need to know exactly who you are targeting.

There are 5 key questions you must ask:

  1. What does your ideal client want?
  2. What are their needs?
  3. What language do they use?
  4. What is their emotional state?
  5. What problems does your client need solving?

If you are able to answer these questions you will have a clear idea about who your ideal client is and can engage them with appropriate content, attract them with specific offers and fundamentally sell your niche services to them!

As an example, perhaps your niche targets childhood  obesity.

You believe your clients wants to improve their fitness by 40%. They want to do this as quickly as possible and you market it through a 6 week bootcamp. Your marketing plan falls short because you fail to target and engage parents, or even schools, who are the ones buying your services and speak a completely different language to their teenage children your online presence is aiming to target.

To avoid this pitfall look at your clients specific wants.  What needs do the parents have? What are the problems you can help them solve? What kind of language will engage parents? Perhaps a more educational approach?  

“You have to research the needs of your ideal client if you are to grow your business successfully online.”

To find out why your ideal client will buy into your services in your fitness niche much valuable research can be gained from your existing clients.

Your clients have already bought into your services and have chosen to spend their money with you!  More often than not they will be very honest and very willing to pass judement on your services.

Use this information to inform your online marketing plan. The kind of questions you should be asking are:

  • What part of my services do you enjoy the most?
  • What made you choose this service?
  • What was the deciding factor that led you to using me as your personal trainer as opposed to local competitors?

The sooner you ask these questions the better. You’re clients will be fired up, feeling positive about the services they have just bought and be happy to share their insights.

How To Collect Client Feedback

  • You could add a form or questionnaire to your “thank you” email or sales page.
  • Ask past clients on your mailing list via phone or email if they would be happy to share their insights.
  • Add the form or questionnaire to your new client induction process.
Facebook Page Insights : Target the majority of your fans.
Facebook Group Pages let you see what people in your fitness niche are talking about.

Many health and fitness professionals will use social media to sell their services and drive traffic to their website.  How many use Facebook as a market research to gain information about their target audience?


This will give you the demographics of your Facebook fans; gender, age, country, city and language.

The People tab is divided into Your Fans, People Reached and People Engaged.
  • Your Fans: View the gender, age, location and language of the people who like your Page
  • People Reached: See the people your post was served to in the past 28 days
  • People Engaged: Find out who has liked, commented on, shared your posts or engaged with your Page in the past 28 days. Once you know who your most engaged audience is, you can better tailor your Boosted Posts to them.

TOP TIP: Target your BOOSTED POSTS to your most engaged audience to keep them interested. For example, you could change your Boosted Posts to be less focused on male interests like football, if you learn that the majority of your fans are women.

Facebook Page Groups

Understand your clients needs by joining Facebook groups. Members will share their problems so join as many as you can and tailor your own online content totheir needs. Join groups in the areas you train in and related to your health and fitness niche. Use the search bar at the top of Facebook and filter the results by groups. I searched for Yoga classes near me…

Yoga classes near me



You can learn a whole lot from your competitors and how they work with their clients. If you want to succeed in your chosen fitness industry or niche you must see what the very best are doing.

Start by having a look at their health and fitness websites and social media presence.

  1. Which posts on their blog receive the most comments? What are their clients interested in?
  2. Which social media posts are getting the most attention?
  3. What kind of language is being used?
  4. Are there any case studies or testimonials? Which services are clients talking about?

If your’e willing to spend the time, social media is an excellent FREE research tool.  You can gather a great deal of useful business research. The data you collect can provide some useful insights into what your challenges your potential clients face and what services you need to offer in order to solve their problems.

“Use your research to create engaging content and convert your visitors into potential leads.”


Use it! Take action! Write down your research and use the data to write content for your own site, blog articles and social media posts.


  1. Write down the 4 headings I mentioned earlier:What does your ideal client want?
    What are their needs?
    What language do they use?
    What is their emotional state?
    What problems does your client need solving?
  2. Add your client feedback to these headings.
  3. Include the info from Facebook insights and add this too.
  4. Add any information from any Facebooks you’ve joined.
  5. Include your competitors information too.Alternatively, I could do this research for you and much more! Need a new personal trainer website? Need content updates? Need to rank higher in your chosen health and fitness niche?  Need to generate more leads and increase revenue! Contact me for a free consultation.

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