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What’s In A Name?

“Choosing the correct name can improve your  SEO ranking.”

Choosing a domain name for you health and fitness business is the first step in creating your new web site.

Heres my simple 4 step guide to choosing yours!

Choosing the right domain name is a big decision and can have a significant effect on the success of your personal trainer or gym site, particularly in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO) to better rank in search engines.

If this is your first venture in deciding upon the best domain name for your health and fitness business then this guide is for you. Along with, “Why do I need a  health and fitness website?”, the question I get asked most often is to help fitness professionals, personal trainers and gym owners choose a domain name for their website and social media pages.

| 1 | Choose the perfect keywords!

Online Domain Name Generators

Need some inspiration?

Try these free online tools.

1. www.panabee.com

2. www.namemesh.com

3. www.nameboy.com

4. www.bustaname.com

CHOOSING KEYWORDS — These are the words and phrases that people type in to search engines to find a business related to the services you are offering. For example, if someone was looking for a personal trainer in Bromsgrove they would type “personal trainer in Bromsgrove” in to Google.

Many web designers suggest that you shouldn’t pick a domain name based on words that people might enter in to  a search engine. For example, a client in Birmingham might type “personal trainer in Rugby” in to Google. The keyword domain for that search would be personal trainer rugby.com.

| 2 | Checkout your competition!

Health and fitness professionals are becoming aware that an online web presence is essential in order to grow clients.
This means that competition for domain names using specific industry keywords is high and someone already has your perfect name. I would suggest doing a Google search for your desired keywords to see which competitors are ranking at the top. Using your locale can help rank for your chosen keyword if competition is stiff. For e.g. bootcamp-worcestershire.com. Once you have some ideas you need to see if your domain is free using GoDaddy, 123-reg, or 1and1.

“Try adding your location to your perfect keyword to help you stand apart.”
| 3 | Variations on a keyword!

Try some alternatives to your ideal keyword…

fitnesstrainer.com not available?

1. fitnesstrainerworcester.com

2. fitness-trainer-worcester.com

3. worcester-fitnesstrainer.com

4. yourfitness-trainerworcester.com

Found the perfect keyword? — If you do find a free domain that clearly describes your services and location then purchase it! You are one of a lucky few!

Otherwise, you will need to play around with your keyword and possibly add a symbol or too until you come up with a combination that you perfect client is likely to be typing into search engines.

You can also play around with the domain ending too. The most recognised and arguably trusted is .com but also consider .org, .co.uk or .net. There are currently 280 domain extensions in total! Take a look here if you’re interested –  iwantmyname.com.

| 4 | 10 Top Tips For Choosing A Domain Name!

Here are some points to consider:

Tip 1

What would your clients type into a search engine if they were looking for you?

Tip 2

Does your domain name describe where it will take visitors when they click on it?

Tip 3

Keep it short and catchy, make it memorable. Don’t just use a string of related keywords.

Tip 4

Use hyphens (-) sparingly and preferably avoid them. It can make it easy to mistype and forget your domain name. However, they can be a godsend if the name your chasing is unavailable.

Tip 5

Is it easy to type? Avoid keys on the edge of the keyboard, ‘p’, ‘m’, ‘z’, ‘q’.

Tip 6

Do your research! Make sure your name isn’t already copyrighted, trademarked or used by another company. This could lead to an expensive legal case!

Tip 7

You could protect your domain and brand by purchasing several domain extensions including misspelled versions of your domain name. This stops your competitors registering other versions and makes sure your visitors are directed to your website even if they do mistype it!

Tip 8

There is no need to build a website for every domain. You can forward each of your domains to your main website.

Tip 9

There are many domain phishers charging £1000s to purchase names. Avoid these, you’ll be able to find something similar using the tips in this article for an annual fee of about 99p – £9.99. Purchase from a trusted registrar such as GoDaddy, 123-reg, or 1and1.

Tip 10

Contact me at The Web Gym for some free friendly advice or let me set you up to take the hassle out of the whole process!

“Try adding your location to your perfect keyword to help you stand apart.”

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