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August 9th, 2019

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A successful marketing campaign without SEO is like an F1 car sat on the grid without fuel!

It is almost impossible to run a successful online marketing campaign without at least some basic SEO optimisation. Without it all that money you’ve thrown at your shiny new website might just well have been thrown on a bonfire. You are wasting an incredibly valuable resource. Here is how you can make the most of your online presence.  You can either do it yourself or out source it to a specialist.

While many businesses will opt for DIY SEO there are serious advantages to outsourcing, especially for small businesses. Here are seven ways choosing white label SEO can benefit your company.

Here are my top 7 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your SEO work to an agency.

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1. Enthusiastic and reliable staffing

In-house teams can often generate a lot of content but tend to have few staff. This means that if one team member is absent or leaves it creates more stress for others. Content creators are also prone to leaving seeking out more creative opportunities. It can be monotonous to write about the same services and products day after day. When this happens it becomes difficult to write engaging and interesting content. This is counter productive for a successful marketing campaign. 

Outsourcing will mean having access to a larger number of staff who will be working on a variety of projects with a renewed and enthusiastic approach to their work.


2. Outsourcing will save money and increase revenue.

Outsourcing SEO is affordable! Creating your own team of content writers would involve:

  • Staff training
  • Buying costly online tools to track SEO progress
  • Paying staff and offering employment benefits

The costs quickly add up. A competition beating marketing campaign will need experienced professionals. High staff turnover can also eat up costs if you have to keep training new team mebers.

Conversely, if you use an SEO agency you only pay for services required. This gives you greater control of your expenses which will dramatically reduce your marketing costs.


“Outsourcing SEO work is affordable and cost effective. Even for small business owners.”

3. Stay on top of the latest SEO updates and technology.

A winning SEO strategy involves staying on top of the latest online marketing developments. For example, the SEO experts will be straight onto Google algorithm updates because they affect search engine results pages or SERPs.

Keeping up with the ever increasing pace of technology is difficult for a small in-house team with limited resources. However, keeping up with marketing news is a primary role in an SEO agency. With more employees, SEO agencies will have dedicated team for optimising processes and strategies. This will boost the overall quality and efficiency of any given project


4. Evaluating SEO Progess

How do you know your SEO work is getting results? If you try to do this on your own, you have to invest much time and expense into generating and deciphering regular reports. This is so difficult that barely 37% of B2B  document their marketing and content strategies.

Evaluating your campaign’s success is key to efficiently allocating your resources. Pouring energy into a strategy that doesn’t show an increase in rankings is as good as throwing money onto a fire. SEO companies have bought into the technology and staffing needed to create reports,  saving you the trouble and time of doing so.

 A business website is only the first step of your marketing plan.  SEO services are cheaper than you think. Long term, outsourcing the work will be more cost effective than producing poor results in house.

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 5. SEO Knowledge

Outsourcing SEO won’t just offer up quality content. It puts you in touch with experts. This means you can develop your marketing strategy with support. Most SEO agencies will encourage long-term relationships with clients as it will take time to see results.

Using an SEO reseller allows you to concentrate on your business strengths. You know your customers, products and services better than anyone. Resellers know how to increase your online presence. When you employ a company to work with,  you should discuss:

  • Your long-term company goals
  • Your short-term goals
  • Brand identity such as ethos and mission
  • Keywords and phrases you want to rank for

SEO experts will take this information and turn it into a successful digital marketing strategy.


6. Established SEO Pipeline

If you use an in-house SEO team, you have to tackle the SEO process. How will you convey your goals to the creators? What is the content submission process? How will managment and writers communicate about revisions and deadlines? Will you have the ability or time to ensure your team meets their goals?

An SEO agency will already have these processes in place. If you have queries about content there will be one single point of contact who can attend to your needs. As a business owner you only have to worry about the finished content and not how it gets done.


Digital marketing requires a strategy beyond just creating content.

  • Effective analytics
  • Good web design
  • Successful branding

An SEO agency will have industry contacts who can support with these.  It may also be able to connect you to others who can promote your business.  In-house SEO requires that you build this professional network alone.

Outsourcing SEO leaves you with more resources to spend on your primary business needs. While you focus on managing the running of your business, companies such as The Web Gym can take care of your digital marketing. It makes growing your online presence affordable and effective for small businesses, especially those new to SEO technologies. Find out more by contacting them here.


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